ARES D1 has not yet applied for or received any governmental or non-governmental grant monies, nor conducted any form of fundraising. None of its personnel currently or at any time in the future will ever benefit monetarily or “in-kind” in any way whatsoever.

ARES D1 goals include:


  • The establishment of two or more Winlink Radio Message System (RMS) Tri-mode Gateways to enable efficient and effective messaging via Email over radio (VHF, UHF and HF), independent of Internet-based infrastructure, yet allow interfacing with the normal Internet-based Email systems used by public safety, Hospital, and other agencies and organizations on a daily basis.

  • Purchase of two or more portable HF/GMRS/VHF/UHF digital capable “Go Kits,” complete with antennas, generator, solar panel, pop-up canopy/tent and peripheral devices, cables, etc. for rapid deployment to locations in the field (Command Post, Hospital, Critical Infrastructure location, etc.).

  • Establishment of a portable and backbone (fixed) Super High Frequency (SHF) Mesh Network, Amateur TV (broadcast quality) and Internet-like capability to connect field locations, Emergency Operations Centers, Department Operations Centers, Staging Areas, Incident Support Bases, Hospitals, 9-1-1 Centers and other Critical Infrastructure locations deemed necessary for governmental or non-governmental authorities, when normal Internet capabilities are overloaded, unreliable, or non-existent. 

  • Additionally, the establishment of one or more Automated Position Reporting System (APRS) Gateways, interfaced with an automated, National Weather Service compliant Weather Station is a goal.

The goals will require funding, funding that ARES D1 will seek in the future via grants, donations, and fundraising efforts. When secured, there will be proper oversight, auditing, and accounting. No ARES D1 member, affiliate or any other person shall personally benefit from any grant or other funding that may be received at any time.