ARES D1 Mission Statement

Provide modern, reliable, interoperable, accurate, resilient and timely contingency, emergency, and supplemental (auxiliary) communications; real-time severe weather observation data; resource position tracking and telemetry, ground-truth intelligence (“eyes and ears”), and serve as “force multipliers” for governmental and non-governmental public safety, critical infrastructure (including Hospitals and Public Utilities), and emergency management related organizations and partners at all levels (served agencies) throughout Indiana’s Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) District 1 (Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper Counties), and beyond, when requested by an appropriate authority, during emergency incident response and short-term recovery periods, exercises and special events.


An integrated, well organized team of properly trained and equipped, capable, motivated, honest and well-intentioned volunteer emergency communicators and trained weather spotters, ready, willing and able to meet ARES D1’s mission, including operating any communications system, with proper authority, regardless of system ownership, to facilitate the efficient, reliable and effective exchange of modern, interoperable emergency communications from fixed, mobile and portable (temporary) locations at the local, county and District levels.

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