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  • Establishment and leveraging mutually beneficial relationships with other emergency and non-emergency communications related organizations to benefit served agencies and ensure the robustness of our joint Operations, Command and Control, Health and Welfare and Logistics communications networks and our mission.


It is non-sensical to operate stove-pipped contingency, emergency and supplemental (auxiliary) communications systems, when there is great benefit to interoperability, and improved resource (personnel, equipment, facility, funding, radio spectrum) utilization for efficiency.


  • Opportunity to serve Critical Infrastructure (Hospitals, 9-1-1 Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, Public Utilities, etc.) in addition to Emergency Management Agencies, Public Safety and other emergency and disaster participants.

The increased vulnerability of organizations to cyber-attack and/or failure of  one of more components of their Internet reliant communications systems integral to the response and recovery from emergency or disaster incidents increased the opportunity and need for the organizations to partner with ARES D1 for its ability to provide them with modern, reliable, interoperable, accurate, resilient and timely contingency, emergency, and supplemental (auxiliary) communications; real-time severe weather observation data; resource position tracking and telemetry, ground-truth intelligence (“eyes and ears”), and serve as “force multipliers.”

  • Reports indicate the number of Ham licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has increased in the recent past.


Accordingly, there are potentially more Hams who may be interested in becoming an ARES D1 volunteer but are currently unreached and unaware that ARES D1 has been resurrected from its lapse some five years or more ago.


Our target population for recruitment as ARES D1 volunteers is diverse and broad-based, if not large. We are looking for willing Ham Radio Operators, or those with an interest in becoming Ham Radio Operators, and other people without a desire to become Ham operators, who desire to affiliate with ARES D1, currently without a current Ham License, age 16 (with parental/guardian permission) and up.


ARES D1 provides volunteers with opportunities to see and do something they have never seen or done before. We need to help them learn something they do not already know or want to know better. We need to give them the opportunity for individual leadership, excitement, and being part of a team, while helping their neighbors, community, public safety, governmental, non-governmental and healthcare agencies, and the nation during an emergency, disaster, severe weather and special events.

Volunteers need to know what they are and do has a direct effect on the ultimate outcome. And that outcome needs to be apparent sooner, not later. Mundane, administrative, or other non-challenging work will not meet the needs and desires of today’s potential volunteers. They need personal fulfillment rather than simply accepting the old-time value of “doing the right thing” and doing the “same old, same old,” or “getting all dressed up but have no place to go.”

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