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The following information is also presented in the Training and Qualification section of this website to ensure current and prospective ARES D1 members and affiliates are well informed, have the facts and not myth or folklore.


Bottom line up front - ARES D1 highly encourages completion, qualification and certification as an Emergency Communicator Level 2. However, understanding this is a volunteer organization, certification at Level 1, 2 or 3 is acceptable. Remaining at Level 0 is acceptable to remain a member or affiliate.  

ARES D1 membership or affiliation does not require completion of a Position Task Book (PTB), or qualification at any of its Emergency Communicator Levels. Completion is voluntary.

Completion of a PTB or qualification at any of its Emergency Communicator Levels is desirable and highly encouraged but is not a requirement for membership or participation.

Meeting the PTB qualification for any of the three primary levels ensures public safety, Hospital and other agencies and organizations being supported by ARES D1 that the training and ability of the individual ARES D1 member or affiliate is properly aligned with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Incident Management System (NIMS) National Qualification System (NQS).

NQS is the standard established in accordance with the intent of Homeland Security Preparedness Directive 5 (HSPD-5).

PTB qualification and certification also builds trust among Emergency Communicators that messages between them will be professionally delivered in an accurate and timely manner.

That level of trust and preparedness can only come if ARES D1 personnel train, practice and work together in advance of being called upon to provide support in accordance with the ARES D1 Mission Statement.

Attaining PTB qualification and certification attests to a level of professionalism as an Emergency Communicator.

Meeting the qualifications set forth in the PTB also assures agencies and organizations receiving support from ARES D1 that its volunteers can properly interface with the agency and organizational staff, and the Incident Command System (ICS).

ARES D1 Position Task Book (Ver. 2101)

Please download and complete the Position Task Book (PTB) on the right as you participate in ARES D1 activities. When the PTB is completed at the Level you desire, Email the completed PTB to  your Emergency Coordinator or for certification.

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